investigate.games explores interactive games – including video games, board games and other types of play – in the context of their history, production and socio-cultural value towards a greater understanding of their impact and importance to society. 

‘Play’ has been a cornerstone of social science research for as long as the discipline has existed, and ‘interactive games’ can be considered in purposively broad terms to encompass cultural artefacts that facilitate play, either as part of a group or on one’s own. 

Our research into interactive games covers a wide spectrum of disciplinary areas, drawing on a variety of sometimes disparate fields including game studies, political economy, spatial theory, human-computer interaction and ethnomethodology. 

investigate.games provides a friendly space for academics, industry, postgraduate researchers and anyone interested in games to discuss and investigate the significance of play in our everyday lives, with a commitment to understanding the circumstances in which games are produced and consumed. We’re interested in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders including developers, designers, publishers and educators towards supporting funding bids, knowledge exchange and public engagement events.  

Also, we’re always up for some gaming.